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Lancers are Responsible scholars

Welcome to Lee High School Library

Students in the library

We are life-long learners who excel as engaged global citizens.  

We are Lee!



Lee Library belongs to the students, teachers, administrators and families. 

This is our library. 

What do you want to do here today?

Library desk



Ms Marquet, Knight Mascot and Ms Koch

Mimi Marquet (left), Lancer (center) & Lisa Koch (right)

Mimi Marquet



Lisa Koch



Ms Salas

Lourdes Salas

Administrative Assistant



Library Hours

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:15am - 4pm

Wednesday 7:15am - 4:15pm

Friday 7:15 - 3:30pm

Using the Library: What do I need to know?

Coming to the Library

Students are welcome before school, after school, during intervention (with a library pass), lunch time (with a library pass), and during class (with a pass) or with a class for instruction.

Wlibrary hall passeshen do I need a pass to come to the library?

Passes required at library during lunch time, intervention, and class time.

Intervention Time: 

Students who come during intervention are must stay in the library for the remainder of the period.

Lunch time & Class time:

All students must sign in on the computer at the front desk. 

Students who come to the library during Lunch Time must stay in the library the entire lunch period.

How do I get a pass?

Lunch time and intervention library passes are given out each morning at the library, before 8:05am.

Use a hall pass or office (paper) pass signed by a teacher.



How do I print in the library?

Students may print school only materials in black and white in the library for free.  To print, log onto one of the library desktop computers, press print and select the circulation desk printer (usually automatically selected).

Color printing is available, if time and staffing permits.  Color printing is 25¢ per page.  To print in color you must ask Ms Salas or one of the librarians for assistance.


stack of booksCheckouts, renewals, & overdue books:

¨ The loan period is three weeks.

-Reference books are due the next school day.

¨ Materials may be renewed as many times as needed unless another student has placed a hold on the book.  To renew a book please come to the library circulation desk.  You do not need to have the book with you to renew materials.

-There is no limit to the number of books you may check out.  Please be respectful of our community and check out what you need and what you can be responsible for taking care of and returning.


Fines are added to the student library record at the rate of 10 cents a day.

Lee Library Rules

¨ No food or drink

-Passes are required during the school day

¨ Internet use for educational purposes only

¨ Respect others and our library and its collections.

clock face; time 7:15​Hours

¨ Monday 7:15am – 4pm

¨ Tuesday 7:15am – 4pm

¨ Wednesday 7:15am – 4:15pm

¨ Thursday 7:15am – 4pm

¨ Friday 7:15am – 3:30pm

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